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$3/month + tax
Billed monthly.
Designed for those who prefer a pay-as-you-go approach
The best option for occasional parkers or transit users
No convenience fees on parking services and transit services
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HotSpot saves you time and money

Top-up on the go, avoid tickets and track your savings on parking, transit and taxis.
24/7 bilingual customer support
Convenient, contactless payment
Real-time parking availability
Parking Extender helps you avoid parking tickets
Refund unused parking

Are You a CAA member?

Save even more on the Power Parker yearly plan.
CAA Members in Atlantic Canada get the Power Parker Plan for only $27/year. And CAA Atlantic Premier Members get the HotSpot Annual Plan included in their CAA Membership.Not sure of your CAA plan? Please contact CAA to confirm or upgrade before getting HotSpot.