Give Parking Revenues a Shot in the Arm

Low-cost, high-efficiency parking management means more funds to help you focus on what counts: patient care.

Why do Hospitals Love HotSpot?

HotSpot parking management is a digital-first solution for employees, patients and loved ones that features easy, intuitive functionality for permits, payment, enforcement, and gate integration – reducing costs and putting revenue where it’s needed most.

Contactless Payments

HotSpot Fast Tap signs mean hygienic, machine-free, contactless payments for drivers that get them from the parking lot to your facility quickly and safely.

Data-Driven Insights

Set accurate demand-based pricing with data from real-time maps, dashboards, insights, and historical trend analysis.

Mobile App

Infrastructure-free payment solution with available secure login for repeat users to streamline payments even further.

Digital Parking Permits

For regular users such as employees, digital parking permits are a fast and efficient way to manage parking access for those who need it with minimal administrative overhead.

Customized Implementations for Health Care Facilities

From wholesale implementations to as-needed upgrades, HotSpot solutions can be deployed as a package or individually to suit your institution’s needs – and everything is scalable to support future growth.
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See why clients and drivers love HotSpot
"HotSpot has been great to work with because they're always willing to come up with ideas that work for our users. Students and staff love it."
Melissa Martin
Parking Supervisor, Trent University
"They put their money where their mouth is by giving us a good product and great support. They've given us so much confidence in their product."
Lynn Todd
Parking Operations Coordinator, City of Peterborough
"HotSpot in my experience has been very responsive, very willing to work with and accommodate system change or upgrade requests."
Victoria Horne
Parking Manager, Halifax Regional Municipality