Parking. Security. Revenue.

Residential and commercial operators trust HotSpot to support a safe and secure parking environment in one simple, cost-effective package.

Why do Private Operators Love HotSpot Parking Management?

HotSpot scales to any size operation from single-lot apartment complexes to multi-level commercial garages, providing efficient and revenue-boosting solutions every step of the way.

Ease of Administration

Our digital-first, low-overhead solution makes it easy for staff to manage permits on demand including day, seasonal, and long-term residential passes

Guest Parking & Payments

Easily enforce visitor parking rules with digital registration and built-in License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology to track occupancy and payments

Gate Integration

Easily add HotSpot to existing gated infrastructure, including tap-and-go NFC readers, improving access control without costly equipment upgrades

Digital Revenue Collection

Fast Tap Signs use QR codes to create a secure, fully digital, app-free payment experience that eliminates the need for maintenance-heavy machinery

Scaled to Your Needs

HotSpot right-sizes your parking management efforts from day one, everything from individual solutions to wholesale implementations. And the best part? Our call centre provides first-line customer support for drivers, freeing up your staff to focus on value-added tasks.
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See why clients and drivers love HotSpot
"HotSpot has been great to work with because they're always willing to come up with ideas that work for our users. Students and staff love it."
Melissa Martin
Parking Supervisor, Trent University
"They put their money where their mouth is by giving us a good product and great support. They've given us so much confidence in their product."
Lynn Todd
Parking Operations Coordinator, City of Peterborough
"HotSpot in my experience has been very responsive, very willing to work with and accommodate system change or upgrade requests."
Victoria Horne
Parking Manager, Halifax Regional Municipality