Parking + Revenue = HotSpot

HotSpot simplifies parking management, reducing costs and boosting revenue every step of the way.

HotSpot Loves Parking

It’s true!  

From our start-up origins in 2013, we’ve dedicated ourselves to building high-quality, easy-to-use software that just makes parking better — for users and operators alike.

That’s why we built a highly configurable digital permit and payment system for fast, convenient access control, and it’s why we provide transit integration for end-to-end mobility. That’s why we created real-time maps to show drivers exactly where to park, no circling or greenhouse gas emissions required. That’s why we provide inclusive license plate recognition (LPR) software, for easy enforcement and full citation management.  

It's even why we provide first-line customer support for drivers, freeing up your administrative staff for more value-added work.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

A Product of Arcadis

HotSpot is a product of technology-driven design firm Arcadis, and is developed by its parking and payment management experts.

With a rich background in public- and private-sector consulting, the Hotspot team understands the needs of parking users, like cities and mobility companies, and the challenges they face.

Meet The HotSpot Team

We’re a group that really loves parking. Seriously. We’ve grown beyond our origins as a simple pay-by-phone app by investing in people who know how to think outside the box and collaborate to bring their vision to life – all while forging trusted, long-term client relationships.
Phillip Curley
Founder & Head of HotSpot
John Blackmore
Head of Product
Rachel Nason
Sr. Sales Manager
Rob Wood
Head of Operations