Manage visitor parking on campus

Lindsay Wright
Updated on
April 9, 2024

University campuses are vibrant places that welcome many visitors each semester. Whether it’s for a sporting event, concerts, open houses, or conferences, there seems to always be something going on. Managing parking amidst fluctuating visitor numbers can prove to be a logistical nightmare for parking program managers. This can result in excessive hours spent in administrative tasks, resulting in minimal revenue generation and difficulty enforcing paid parking areas. HotSpot offers an innovative solution to streamline visitor parking management through self-serve digital permits.


Self-serve digital permitting for visitors

HotSpot boasts a proven track record of developing and deploying comprehensive parking software solutions across numerous universities throughout North America. These solutions include cutting-edge digital permits with user-friendly interfaces and supported by exceptional customer service.  

The non-account digital permit portal enables visitors to effortlessly purchase permits without the need for creating a user. This simplifies the process and reduces barriers to entry. The reservation portal allows users to reserve their parking space in advance, ensuring peace of mind for drivers. Parking staff can plan ahead and manage the parking capacity efficiently. 

As well, HotSpot’s FastTap signs can be used to facilitate on-site payment for both hourly parking and permits through QR code technology. This enhances convenience and accessibility for drivers. These features collectively contribute to a parking experience that is as frictionless as possible.


Account-free digital parking suite

HotSpot’s account-free product suite streamlines the parking experience for visitors by offering a more versatile experience, resulting in increased revenue. Permits can be swiftly purchased on-site or in advance, creating a hassle-free experience for visitors and reducing administrative hours spent distributing permits.

By leveraging digital permitting options, universities can maximize revenue collection without physical infrastructure and minimize operational overheads associated with traditional paper-based systems. Digital currency collection allows a greater percentage of revenue realization and allows for easier enforcement.

The platform is extremely flexible and allows for seamless customization. HotSpot can meet the unique requirements of any university campus.


Provide the best visitor parking experience

HotSpot’s comprehensive suite of permit solutions empowers universities to effectively manage fluctuating visitors while maintaining a vibrant campus atmosphere. By adopting digital permits, universities can realize additional revenue, streamline the administrative processes associated with traditional permit systems, and offer easier enforcement options.

Embrace HotSpot’s digital-first approach to parking management and transform your university campus into a welcoming environment for visitors.

Lindsay Wright
Lindsay is a Product Marketing Specialist at Arcadis who is passionate about a digital-first approach to parking. Lindsay brings her experience in marketing and communications, creativity, and innovation to help the HotSpot team introduce infrastructure-light parking programs in cities around the world.