Event Parking at Carleton University

How HotSpot helped with event parking at Carleton univeristy
Written by
Ken Dinh
Published on
May 24, 2024

Carleton University, located in Ottawa, Canada's capital city, faced a parking challenge due to its increasing demand in an already busy parking scenario.

The university's proximity to downtown and its location adjacent to Ottawa University contributed to the high demand for parking spaces. With over 24,000 full and part-time students, along with a renowned academic staff, finding available parking spots became a significant challenge, especially during peak hours and events. 

HotSpot implemented its hourly mobile parking application at Carleton University. To improve convenience and boost digital parking revenue collection, HotSpot introduced Fast Tap Signs, utilizing QR Code Technology. This innovative solution allowed users to digitally park without the need to download a separate application or register an account. By simply scanning the sign, entering their license plate number and payment method, students and visitors could easily park while walking to class or attending events.

Understanding the preference of users for the ease of scanning and parking with the Fast Tap Signs, HotSpot Parking worked closely with Carleton University to develop a feature specifically for flexible event parking. By deploying an event code with configurable options for rates, time of day, and days of the week, Carleton University could enhance visitor convenience and compliance with parking regulations during sporting events and other special occasions.

The implementation of HotSpot's parking solution at Carleton University significantly improved convenience for students and visitors. The Fast Tap Signs eliminated the need to wait in line at pay stations, reducing congestion and saving time. Additionally, the option to digitally park without downloading a separate application was highly appreciated by infrequent visitors to the campus, who didn't have to go through the hassle of installing yet another app.

HotSpot's event code feature enabled Carleton University to enhance visitor experience during sporting events. By providing configurable options for rates, time of day, and days of the week, the university could optimize parking availability and pricing, increasing compliance with parking regulations and ensuring a smooth parking experience for event attendees.

Overall, HotSpot's parking solution at Carleton University successfully addressed the parking challenges faced by the university. The convenience and efficiency provided by the Fast Tap Signs and event codes improved the user experience, streamlined parking operations, and boosted digital parking revenue collection. Carleton University and its visitors benefited from a more convenient and flexible parking system, enhancing the overall campus experience.

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