Peterborough, ON: Automated Parking Management Solution

How HotSpot introduced PCI-compliant credit card payments without costly infrastructure
Written by
Ken Dinh
Published on
May 24, 2024

Peterborough was faced with a dilemma of ageing on street equipment and the need to accept credit cards in a PCI compliant manner.

Initially, HotSpot introduced our on-street payment solution, which faced some initial hurdles as HotSpot worked diligently to perfect the License Plate Recognition technology in Peterborough, ensuring recognition of plates from Ontario, Canadian provinces, and the USA. This marked the beginning of a series of technological successes. During our ongoing meetings, HotSpot identified another pressing need – a parking permit/reservation system that could seamlessly integrate with gated infrastructure. Responding to this demand, we swiftly introduced our permit and reservation system for parking, incorporating a component for gated sessions. This groundbreaking system allowed users to effortlessly reserve spaces behind gates, irrespective of the gate type. The success of this solution enabled Peterborough to meet its short-term goals while we worked on developing a tender to replace outdated gates. In fact, the system proved so successful that the tender awarded in 2021 made HotSpot integration a mandatory requirement to continue allowing reservations behind gates.

As the Covid pandemic prompted a need for contactless payment solutions, Peterborough requested a secure and safe option for people to pay for transit.

In response, we rolled out HotSpot's existing transit payment option, which achieved resounding success. It was seamlessly integrated with Fleming College and Trent University, allowing users at either institution to conveniently pay for parking or ride the bus both on-campus and within the city.

A parking machine along with HotSpot Fast Tap Sign in the City of Peterborough (Clifford Skarstedt / The Peterborough Examiner)

Peterborough, a trailblazer in digital-first transportation, has collaborated with HotSpot to launch our fast tap signs. The city served as one of our primary test sites, and this cutting-edge technology has surpassed mobile payments in adoption rates, with an impressive 80%of payments now being made through fast tap signs. Ontario has proven to be a hub for technology adoption, and HotSpot is thrilled to perfect solutions in such an innovative environment. Embracing the vision of a more technologically driven future, Peterborough is actively replacing pay machines with our fast tap signs as they naturally reach the end of their lifespan. This strategic move reflects their commitment to a digital-centric approach in parking, where technology takes precedence over hardware. Peterborough's progressive stance sets the stage for an infrastructure-light future – a future where technology stands as the first choice and hardware takes a backseat.

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