Quebec, QC: HotSpot Parking's Digital Transformation

HotSpot Parking's Digital Transformation in Quebec City
Written by
Ken Dinh
Published on
May 24, 2024


HotSpot embarked on a transformative project in Quebec City to modernize and optimize the city's parking operations. The project involved the implementation of a white-labeled mobile app for the digital purchase of parking products in tandem with a sophisticated administrative control dashboard. These solutions, powered by HotSpot, were seamlessly integrated with IPS Pay stations and Tannery Creek Vehicle License Plate Recognition (LPR) systems. The initiative sought to address the city's lagging adoption rates, high operational costs, and the need for modernization in an increasingly digital and tech-driven environment. The Request for Proposal (RFP) and the subsequent implementation are on track for a scheduled launch on April 8th, 2024, catering to a population size of approximately 550,000 within Quebec City, with the metropolitan area encompassing close to 850,000 residents. The historical significance of the enclave, the predominantly French-speaking populace, and the city's architectural heritage dating back to the 1600s reinforced the necessity of a robust, user-friendly parking infrastructure to cater to its populace's diverse and evolving needs.


The city of Quebec faced myriad challenges prior to implementing HotSpot's solution. The existing mobile app suffered from low adoption rates, primarily due to its high cost and inability to keep up with evolving technology and consumer demands. Additionally, the city's parking program necessitated a comprehensive modernization, including integrated services for digital payments, pay stations, and vehicle license plate recognition.  

Solution Implementation

HotSpot intervened by introducing a significantly revamped and cost-effective mobile app with enhanced features, inclusive of integrated partnership engagements with prime contract oversight and subcontractors. The project also addressed refunding the remaining parking time to users upon the conclusion of their parking session, thereby rectifying a major pain point for visitors and residents alike. HotSpot deployed a Co-Pilote Mobile Application, Real-time Map Integration to CurbIQ, Custom Development Resources, Project Management Resources, Digital hourly parking, and a premium feature offering partial session refunds.

Impact and Achievements

The project is scheduled to launch in 2024, with an array of impactful deliverables and milestones achieved. These include testing web backend development, application development, app mockup development, custom feature development, zone definition streamlining, remapping of app buttons, integrations with IPS and Tannery Creek, real-time map development, translations to French, production app development, combined parking and support dashboard development, app store approval, and training sessions for Quebec City parking administrators and support teams.

HotSpot's pioneering approach and comprehensive solutions are poised to drive a new era of parking management in Quebec City, fostering efficiency, revenue generation, and an enhanced user experience for its residents and visitors alike. It stands as a testament to HotSpot Parking's commitment to redefining parking experiences, one city at a time.

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