Red Deer, AB: HotSpot's Parking Modernization

HotSpot's Parking Modernization in Red Deer, Alberta
Written by
Ken Dinh
Published on
May 24, 2024


Red Deer grappled with antiquated parking technology and fragmented systems, leading to inconsistent parking payment methods, minimal customer service efficiency, and unsustainable infrastructure. The infrastructure and technology cannot be repaired due to the age of equipments and the inability to obtain parts. The current infrastructure and technology are on-street, single-spaced meters in the downtown core and the hospital zone. The City has off-street parking lots with pay and display machines. This causes frustrations for customers as there is no consistency in parking payment methods. In 2021, the City Council recognized the pressing need to enhance customer experiences and approved a budgetary request to align their practices with new technology that is easier to understand and use.  


To modernize its parking program with a digital-first approach, the city of Red Deer partnered with HotSpot Parking to consolidate the management of off-street lots and on-street parking into one system. This ambitious project required a robust payment method, reporting system, enforcement integration, financial transparency, and wayfinding options to cater to diverse user needs with varying tech comfort levels. HotSpot addressed these challenges by implementing fast Tap signs to reduce infrastructure costs and clutter, a comprehensive permit program tailored for all permit types, integration with Mackay Meters for seamless payment processing, vehicle License Plate Recognition (LPR) for efficient enforcement, and automated digital ticketing for streamlined operations. The project encompassed products like Fast Tap Signs, Permits, HotSpot Mobile App, POS system, Hand-Held LPR, Digital Ticket Printing, Citation Management, and Real-time maps utilizing CurbIQ.


The impact of HotSpot's solution on Red Deer's parking management has been substantial, with a reduction of on-street infrastructure by over 60%, resulting in significant capital cost savings and improved efficiency. The implementation led to admin automation, increased revenue generation from multiple payment methods catering to diverse demographics, enhanced customer support, and sustainable parking practices that reinvest in the city's development. City officials and stakeholders have lauded HotSpot's solution for its transformative impact on Red Deer's parking landscape. “Our systems are quite old. They aren’t working as well, so I think this is a positive change for our downtown,” said Amy Fengstad, Red Deer’s acting inspections and licensing manager. The city’s feedback emphasizes the project's success in streamlining operations, enhancing user experiences, and delivering measurable benefits to the community. Moving forward, HotSpot's partnership with Red Deer is a testament to the power of innovation and collaboration in revolutionizing parking management.

The project, launched in September 2023, marked a significant milestone in Red Deer's journey toward contemporary, efficient, and user-centric parking solutions. The success of this initiative highlights the importance of adaptive technology, sustainable practices, and seamless integration in creating a more connected and accessible urban environment for residents and visitors alike.

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