Trent University: A Tap Solution for Occasional Parkers

How HotSpot implemented tap signs for parking at an university campus
Written by
Ken Dinh
Published on
May 24, 2024

Trent University has a huge and busy campus that makes for some unique parking challenges

With 2,100 parking spots, some located up to a four-minute walk away from the nearest pay-and-display machine, the university needed a solution to make parking more convenient for its visitors. Additionally, the presence of numerous conferences, events, and third-party organizations on campus created an increased need for accommodating infrequent visitors. The existing pay-and-display machines were expensive to maintain and often malfunctioned, causing stress for both university staff and visitors.  

The Solution

HotSpot, a parking technology company, partnered with Trent University to develop a web-based tap feature that provided a digital parking solution without the need for a dedicated app. This tap feature allowed visitors to simply tap a fast-tap symbol on a sign in the parking lot and enter their payment and parking session details. By eliminating the need for expensive pay-and-display machines, HotSpot provided a cost-effective and convenient alternative for visitors, especially those who were occasional or infrequent parkers on campus.

The implementation of HotSpot's tap feature at Trent University had several positive impacts.

Firstly, the solution provided convenience for visitors, particularly those who were only on campus occasionally. Users no longer had to rely on pay-and-display machines or carry cash for parking, making the process more streamlined and efficient.

Furthermore, Melissa Martin, Trent University's parking supervisor, expressed her satisfaction with HotSpot's reliability. The university no longer needed to invest in new pay-and-display machines, saving time and money on maintenance. The implementation of digital permits also replaced the previous cumbersome hang-tag system, reducing lineups and administrative burden during the fall registration period.

The HotSpot app itself received rave reviews from students and staff. The app sent text notifications when parking sessions were about to expire, ensuring that users didn't waste money by overpaying. This feature was particularly appreciated as pay-and-display systems did not offer refunds for unused time.

Overall, HotSpot's parking solution at Trent University improved convenience, reduced costs, and enhanced the user experience for visitors, making parking on campus easier and more efficient.

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