Parking Infrastructure Meets Digital Compatibility

HotSpot’s digital parking solutions work with any gate operator to enhance access control, prevent revenue leakage, and ensure safety.
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Enhance Security with Gated Parking

See how HotSpot helps with gated entry for your operations.

Why Pick HotSpot for Your Gated Entry Infrastructure?

HotSpot provides best-in-class user support for drivers, freeing up staff and resources.
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Seamless Integration

HotSpot works with any gate technology provider to support effective access control while preventing revenue leakage

Secure, NFC-Based Authentication

Drivers with digital permits from HotSpot simply tap their phone on the NFC reader for fast, efficient entry

Infrastructure Lifespan Extension

Add digital payment options to existing gated infrastructure, extending its lifespan while diversifying revenue collection mechanisms for your organization
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Learn about HotSpot deployments across the USA and Canada


See why clients and drivers love HotSpot
"HotSpot has been great to work with because they're always willing to come up with ideas that work for our users. Students and staff love it."
Melissa Martin
Parking Supervisor, Trent University
"They put their money where their mouth is by giving us a good product and great support. They've given us so much confidence in their product."
Lynn Todd
Parking Operations Coordinator, City of Peterborough
"HotSpot in my experience has been very responsive, very willing to work with and accommodate system change or upgrade requests."
Victoria Horne
Parking Manager, Halifax Regional Municipality

A simple platform for parking & payments

Our products for parking, transit and taxis save money and administration for cities, campuses and private operators.