Parking Management Solution for Healthcare Facilities

HotSpot All-in-one Parking Solution for Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA)
Written by
Ken Dinh
Published on
January 12, 2024

Project Overview

HotSpot was selected through a competitive procurement process to provide a Parking Management Software Solution for the Interior Health Authority, a division of the PHSA. The project involved implementing digital permits for staff and the public and managing hourly parking across 11 locations. The solution was designed with the potential to extend to other health authorities or healthcare agencies within British Columbia, which has expanded to include a successful rollout to Island Health Authority’s multi-site locations.


Before implementing HotSpot’s solution, the Interior Health Authority’s Parking Services managed a cumbersome and inefficient paid parking program. This included the administration of parking permits to 8,500 staff holders, patient/visitor parking, enforcement services, and violation adjudication. The use of physical hangtags and a database with limited functionality led to numerous challenges including process errors, financial losses, and an inability to proactively manage parking permit administration effectively.


HotSpot tackled the inefficiencies of traditional parking systems by implementing a cloud-based, digital parking management solution. This system transforms old-school physical parking permits into a digital format linked to a vehicle's license plate, making the entire parking process smoother and more integrated. It automates several critical functions such as billing, tracking of parking usage, and renewals of permits, thereby cutting down the time and effort required to manage these tasks manually. Simultaneously providing convenience to permit holders who can now apply for a parking permit online, vs waiting in line after a long shift. 

The solution includes a centralized administrative dashboard that allows management of multiple sites from a single point, enhancing oversight and coordination. It also integrates seamlessly with existing IT infrastructure through Single Sign-On capabilities, linking with Active Directory for enhanced security and user management. On the ground, HotSpot employs mobile technology and QR code-based signage (Fast Tap Signage) to facilitate easy access and payment options for transient parking, further reducing the need for physical hardware and interaction.

Moreover, HotSpot's approach includes custom features tailored to specific needs such as payroll integration and moderated parking, which adapt the system to the unique operational requirements of different sites. This comprehensive digital transformation simplifies the administrative load and refines the user experience for both parking administrators and users.

Implementation and Impact

The project was rolled out in phases, beginning with Interior Health in 2023 followed by Island Health in 2024. Key deliverables included the launches broken down by location, feature rollouts, and the integration of systems like Azure AD for Single Sign-On. Partnerships with enforcement providers such as Reef Technology and Genetec were also crucial in the implementation.

Partnerships with enforcement providers such as Reef Technology and Genetec were also crucial in the implementation. The introduction of HotSpot’s solution significantly improved the user experience and efficiency of administrative staff. It offered greater flexibility in how programs were delivered and provided full transparency of permit data. Stakeholders, including permit holders and administrators, appreciated the reduction in manual processes and the convenience of managing permits digitally. The project not only improved operational efficiencies but also enhanced the experience for users, setting a precedent for future expansions within the healthcare sector.

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